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This is a 1on1 coaching service, that guides you to tap into your inner power, to unlock your FULL POTENTIAL and actively drive personal, career or business growth inside out.


The coaching sessions allow for a self-discovery journey, tapping within for that infinite power to improve performance, shift mindset and inspire action whilst holding you accountable weekly and monthly to realize your dreams, goals & desires. This is followed by ideation from your unique purpose, brand building process and then route to market plan. 

Book now and create your dream life

3 MONTHS | 6 Coaching Sessions Package ~  R8 400pp

(Payment Plan Available On Request)


I believe in running at your soul's pace, which is why the 6 coaching sessions can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly,

depending on the individual's pace.  You also have the flexibility to meet  in person or schedule a Zoom video call.

Why 90 Days ~ This is an ideal tried and tested duration to change limiting habits and adopt new strategies that will sustain growth.

This package includes a FREE Discovery Session to establish your desired goals and fit.

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