Shake up

Wake up

Get up


 & Show up

Boss Lady

awaken your latent power and potential

The time for timidity is behind us. We need to show up in boldness and braveness.

We need the audacity to honour ourselves by honouring our dreams.

No one can stand in the way of our greatness.


We are all born with purpose.

We can all activate and actualize our unique purpose.


It’s time to give our ideas, creativity abilities, gifts and talents a chance to live, a chance to thrive, a chance to be actualized and be created into something that can be launched. 

It’s time to be helpful, to be useful, impactful whilst making profit.

It’s time to be the change we want to see.

It’s time we do not allow anyone to silence us, to hold us back, suppress us.

It’s time for us to take our rightful place, for everyone was born to bloom, not just a select few but each and everyone of us.


My intention is for everyone to read this book, reflect and introspect and begin to pen down that which is evoked within them.

Write down your thoughts, your desires and when you have written then down, take the action that is necessary to actualize them.

If you don’t know, ask for help. There are various organizations impacting women positively everyday like Bloom Inside Out, Future Females, Agenda Women in South Africa and many more across Africa and globally such as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, offering a helping hand, supporting, equipping, celebrating women’s strides, be it in business, corporate or social services.

It's time to bloom!




It’s time for you to bloom, flourish, prosper.
It’s time to live your dream life. 

Forever Blooming