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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The key to unlock your personal power lies in your identity, it all begins and end with you.

Your Identity is your authority.

Your life is the fruit of your identity.

Success therefore begins with you!

During my preparation of the 2nd installation of the #BIOConnect Vision Crafting and Strategic Planning Webinar that I will be hosting on Saturday (the 22nd of February at 2pm-3:30pm ~ click BOOK NOW to join us), it dawned on me that the essential requirement for success, which is part of preparing ourselves for all that we want to create or be, is a true sense of who we are.

This is what inspired me to host the Self-Discovery #BIOLIVE a week before the Vision Webinar, which I have decided to also transcribe into this blogpost.

Everything begins in your mind.

"If you want to see clearly, you need a clear vision."

To succeed, we need to craft a clear, simple vision that will make us focus and run toward the destination we set out.

It all starts and ends with you, from a thought, then a desire and eventually the action you take or don't take realize it.

How you see yourself, is how you see the world (perspective)

and it is how others see you, how they receive or consume you and everything that you create.

How you see yourself affects how you dream or craft your vision.

If you see yourself small, you will dream small and craft a safe vision.

If your outlook is scarcity, you will see poverty all around, you will show up in a limited way. Equally, if your outlook is abundance, you will show up in abundance, be open to giving generously, knowing you are enough and will never be without.



It is informed by the source of your being. As a daughter of the Most High King, I view myself based on WHO HE SAYS I AM and that defines my identity. This is who I say I am:

I am made in His image

I am a curse-breaker

I am a history-make

I am a world-changer

I am a more than a conqueror

I am the army of Christ set apart for such a time as this

I am a Bloomer, born to multiply and have dominion over all the earth, beneath and above.

You too can create your very own I AM affirmations to shape your identity and remind you daily to show up as your authentic true self.

There are many tools and guides available for Self-discovery journey, this is only part of the guide I’ve created, available via our website.


Embrace yourself as you are. That is self-love.

Love yourself as you are, with all your perfections and imperfections. Instead of focussing on your areas of development, rather own and turn up your strengths and let this be how you show up.

See yourself. Oprah says the people you meet are all looking for one thing. Every encounter that you have, the person just wants to know, "Did you hear me, did you see me, and did I say anything that mattered." Acknowledgement is what everyone needs in this world, why not start by acknowledging yourself. See yourself, listen to yourself and honour yourself.

Recognize yourself before you expect the world to recognize you.

The power you are looking for is right within you. What you are missing, which makes you think success is elusive is due to the deceptive, skewed view of your identity. Even more sadly due to continuous dismissal of yourself, your ideas, your thoughts and your dreams.

Self-discovery determines how you treat yourself, which is self-love and self-care. Loving yourself first, before loving others will not only teach you how to love others, it also shows others how to love you. If you don’t respect yourself, why should others? If you are not passionate about your work or what you do, why should anyone be? You deserve the love you give abundantly to others.

You can’t stop a person who has discovered and accepted who they are.

They are unshakeable and unstoppable.


Finally, self-discovery determines your being, how you show up and how you live your life.

Self-discovery is defining your values, your preferences, your strengths and show up as truly and authentic that. This requires transparency and vulnerability, where you choose to be yourself even when others expect you to be someone else.

Get to know what makes your heart leap with joy and your soul smile. Find your source of joy and honour yourself by doing that daily to live and show up in your power.

Self-discovery requires solitude, quiet time with just yourself. You will have to learn to enjoy time alone by yourself or doing things that you love by yourself. It requires that you silence the external voices, the noise from the world around you. You can do this through a quiet time of prayer or meditation.


As you journey within and tap into your true being, you may realise through this self-discovery journey that there are flawed areas of your identity that you have held onto most of your life.

The restoration of your identity may require healing, redefinition and new affirmation of your true self, removing all the lies and negative words that have been spoken over you and you believed them and a reminder of who God says you are.




I am not done unlocking the latent power and potential of women in our lifetime. If you enjoyed this insta-live turned blog, please do share it with your tribe and lets bloom together.

The self-discovery guide is available at 50% discount if you book for the Vision Crafting Masterclass and it is part of the BIOCoaching package.

If you would like an accountability partner through your self-discovery journey, or if you would only like a guide, please drop me an email, via the website link below.

Keep Blooming

Nox Magwaza | Founder & CE

Bloom Infinite, The Holding Company for Bloom Inside Out

Join The Blooming Tribe of Boss Ladies

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